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11 of australia 13 of australia 14 of italy 15 of australia 15 of italy 18 of australia 2 of australia 23 of australia 8 of australia ace against against triple block of australia alberto di mario andrea lucchetta arshdeep dosanjh attacks attacks a ball australia australia team ball in the conflict area befor the match before serving a ball before the match block the attack of blocked by blocks the ball attacked by blocks the ball spiked by celebrates a point celebrates victory closeup on dig enters on the court fakes a set but attacks fans fans in the stands filippo lanza gianlorenzo blengini head coach of australia head coach of italy in a hug interagisce col pubblico italia team italian fans italy italy team ivan zaytsev james weir laughs loudly libero lincoln alexander williams luke perry luke smith mani fuori mark lebedew mascotte of the bari's tournament massimo colaci matteo piano oleg antonov orsetto lavatore osmany juantorena pietro bruno cattaneo pipe preparatore atletico italia presidente fipav presitente fipav receives the ball riccardo sbertoli roberto russo samuel walker serving a ball serving the ball sets sets a ball shoes simone anzani simone giannelli speaker speaks to his players spikes spikes against spikes against australian block spikes over the block startingsix of italy the attacks of the australian team the italian team the palaflorio sports hall tifosi time out timeou timeout tore trent o'dea while playing italian anthem while playing the italian anthem with teammates



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